Dr. Saleh: Care For The Teeth You Want To Keep

WHY IS PREVENTIVE DENTAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE on your teeth and gums so important? There are several reasons. Devoting small amounts of attention to your teeth and gums will help you keep your smile for your entire lifetime. The rest of the world sees what you don’t each time they look at you! But it isn’t just about the way you look—it’s also about your health and the way you feel.

Daily maintenance with proper brushing (for at least 2 minutes) AND correct flossing techniques dramatically reduce your risk of gum disease. But of course, some things just can’t be helped. If you bite into a bagel and loose part of your filling it’s comforting to know that Dr. Saleh is right there to help. But aside from the unforeseen, the biggest factor in your oral health is simple maintenance.

That’s right, we have all heard it many times before…Make sure you come in for regular checkups and cleanings.” But, did you know there’s a lot more to it (and we’re not just talking about a free toothbrush)?

Studies continue to link your oral health to your overall health, and visiting Dr. Saleh is as important as visiting your family doctor.

You’ve likely heard of diseases associated with our mouths like oral cancer, gum disease, etc. But did you know that other health issues can manifest themselves initially in your mouth? It’s true. Visiting your dentist can help catch potentially larger problems before they get out of hand—problems you may not even realize exist.

For Dr. Bita Saleh, mouths are life. She stares into them every day, and even reads about them while vacationing (sorta kidding). So be sure to keep those regularly scheduled visits with her and her team. We want to help keep you healthy.

Whoopi’s right. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, can kill you. In case you missed Whoopi on The View, you can see her talk about her experience with gum disease and tooth loss below:

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