There Are No Age Limits On A Great Smile

DID YOU KNOW THAT LOSING YOUR TEETH during your seasoned citizen years rarely has anything to do with aging and usually has everything to do with gum disease?! And, that same disease is also linked to diabetes, cancer, and heart problems?

You do NOT need to be a victim. As average life spans increase, it has become more important to understand your aging smile. And with any age smile, there are Musts, Shoulds, and Coulds:

Some “Musts”

  • As we get older, our receding gums can expose roots to cavities and decay. Don’t ever postpone your regular professional visits with Dr. Saleh.
  • Some of the dental work in your mouth may be many decades old. Even if this dental work does not seem to be bothering you, it is greatly increasing the risk of decay setting in around the edges of old fillings or crowns. See Dr. Saleh to be sure you aren’t at risk.

Some “Shoulds”

  • Today’s dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth. If you’re missing teeth, advanced restorative implants can be the solution you need.
  • Boost self confidence. A recent study indicates that nearly 90% of dental implant patients who previously wore dentures say confidence is up, and that the procedure was worth repeating.

Some “Coulds”

  • More and more “seasoned” citizens are keeping their teeth AND beautifying their smiles with cosmetic veneers. It isn’t complicated and there’s very little discomfort. Now you can too.

Dr. Saleh and her team want to be sure that each of their senior patients are well cared for. If you have an elderly loved one who really should have a dental visit—but perhaps has been afraid, or doesn’t see the value—please let us know. We are very sensitive to those fears, and we can help you.

And as always, we invite you to be a part of our Facebook microsite. It’s one of the very best places to keep track of everything going on in our office that affects your family’s oral health.

We appreciate having you as our valued patient!

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