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Personal Dentistry, Orange County, CA

The empathic hands of holistic dentistryNo other dentist in Orange County, CA, is quite like Bita Saleh, DDS. While she is an expert in traditional dentistry, she is expanding her expertise into additional areas which reduce stress and add to your overall health.

Anxiety Reduction Techniques

In addition to caring a great deal about you and your dental health, she also treats your emotional,  a combination of ancient and modern cutting edge natural methods. As an example, if you are afraid of dentistry, Dr. Saleh will help you overcome your fear without drugs or sedation. Or if you grind your teeth due to life’s stress, with energy medicine, she’ll help you manage your stress so you won’t need to be forever dependent on the use of dental appliances.

Patients choose Dr. Saleh because of her unique ability to uncover the root cause of dental disease or dental phobia. She does this by using muscle testing to create a customized program – the perfect solution for your individual dental needs. They choose her for her compassion, her personal warmth and her unique ability to empathize with each patient. Just one visit and you will, too…

Discover Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is a natural approach that can be used to augment your dental treatments. Discover how holistic dentistry can give you a more satisfying experience and the smile you’ve always wanted. Call Bita Saleh, DDS, at 714.546.5579 or use our convenient Appointment Request form to reserve your Complimentary 30-minute Consultation.