Your Holistic Dental Care
Orange County, Santa Ana CA

Patient Comfort

Your comfort is very important to Dr. BitaDr. Saleh and her team. A patient, caring and understanding holistic dentist, Dr. Saleh always takes the time to talk with you and help you feel comfortable in her care. She realizes that many people avoid going to the dentist out of fear and is passionate about helping those who have postponed their dental care for this reason. She spends time getting to know you, your health history and your dental history. She explains her recommendations for treatment and answers all your questions so you can make good choices for yourself.  Please feel free to call Santa Ana Phone Number 714-546-5579 with any questions that you might have.

Dr. Saleh is extremely accommodating and wants you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your visit. She will offer you neck pillows, blankets, stereo CD headphones and other amenities to make you comfortable during your treatment. You’ll find it so relaxing, gentle and warm that you won’t believe you’re visiting the dentist.

Dr. Saleh understands that your time is precious and her goal is to help you achieve optimal dental health and that beautiful smile in an efficient and timely manner. As a result, Dr. Saleh provides many services right in her Santa Ana, Orange County CA holistic dental office including cleanings and surgical procedures.